The Texan York Nut Sheller

The Best Way to Crack Hickory Nuts


So you’re after perfect hickory nut halves. Hickory nuts are notoriously difficult to shell. I’ve tried a lot of ways to get a hickory nut out of the shell. This is the best way to shell hickory nuts that I’ve found so far.  It’s pretty simple overall. Clip the ends off and then take the top off. Then cut down the middle. You should have two halves.

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From the Amazon page:

  • SIMPLICITY: The simplest tool for a job is the best. Meet the Texan “York” Nut Sheller, a nut sheller that exudes simplicity
  • PERFORMANCE & DURABILITY: Tempered steel built for a specific purpose without any embellishments or unnecessary extras
  • EASY OPEN DESIGN: The design enables you to crack most nuts with ease with a process made much simpler than with most conventional crackers
  • LITTLE FORCE NEEDED: A simple applying of pressure will do the job without the need for a power socket
  • ELEGANCE: The Texan York Nut Sheller fulfills your needs – simply and elegantly



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