Sweet Pignut Hickory Nuts – Grade A – 2021


Extremely rare Grade A SWEET PIGNUT (Carya Ovalis) (Red Hickory) hickory nuts.


Extremely rare Grade A SWEET PIGNUT (Carya Ovalis) (Red Hickory) hickory nuts cracked (not shelled).

  • If you like trying new things then I recommend Sweet Pignuts. They are delicious and rare. They are sweeter and less “nutty” than shagbarks. They taste similar to Shellbarks which taste like bananas.
  • Also known as Red Hickory nuts.
  • Some authorities don’t consider the Red Hickory (Carya ovalis) to be a species but an abhorrent Pignut (Carya glabra).
  • I only know of two sweet pignut trees. They are priced accordingly. These are probably the only Sweet Pignut Hickory Nuts you could find.

I RECOMMEND BUYING SWEET PIGNUTS CRACKED.* Sweet Pignuts (Red Hickory Nuts) have thick, hard shells. They are much more difficult to crack than Shagbarks; they are almost impossible with a hand cracker or Texan York Sheller.

If you want to crack them yourself you will need a black walnut cracker (that’s the one I’ve had for years and it’s solid) or one like this (can’t vouch for it).

These hickory nuts are Sweet Pignut hickory nuts harvested in Autumn 2021 from two wild trees in south, central Pennsylvania (Adams County). You can see pics of the trees in the product gallery.

PLEASE BE KIND AND LIMIT YOUR PURCHASE TO NO MORE THAN 1 LB. I only have 17 precious pounds. I would like many people to try them.
*Watch out for those shells; eat at your tooth’s risk. I had a friend drive one between her teeth like a wedge and shatter her tooth. I always recommend sorting with a keen eye and chewing lightly to check for shells.

Introduction the One-and-Only Hickory Nut!
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Sweet Pignut Hickory Nuts
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