Shagbark Hickory Nuts – Grade A – 2021


Delicious, nutritious Grade A SHAGBARK hickory nuts cracked (with the shells) or whole.


Delicious, nutritious Grade A SHAGBARK (Carya ovata) hickory nuts. These hickory nuts are shagbark hickory nuts harvested in Autumn 2021 from wild trees in Adams County, Pennsylvania.

  • Shagbarks are the most well-known of all hickory nuts
  • If you are new to hickory nuts. Then start here.
  • They are pretty easy to crack. You can use a regular, classic nutcracker and pick.
  • They taste incredible, kind of like a maple flavored pecan. They are in the same genus as pecans.

I carefully weigh them to the proper weight*.

Then I bag them up in a freezer bag.

*This weight includes shells. It is cost prohibitive to pick out all of the nuts. Plus, a big part of the fun of hickory nuts is picking the nuts and dumping a huge pile of amazingness into your mouth.
I’ll be a rich man when I figure out how to get hickory nuts out of the shell at scale. Until then, they take work; there’s no way around it. I recommend buying Shagbarks whole and shelling them yourself. I’ve found that the Texan York Nut Sheller is the best way to process Shagbarks. Buy one here. You don’t have to use the TYNS. You can use a regular nutcracker with a pick. You’ll find this to be more tedious in the end, but definitely possible and recommended for those with arthritis.

Of course for a $5 fee I will crack your nuts for you (NOT shell them). Just purchase them cracked in the shop.**

I have mapped over 500 shagbark hickory trees. I typically harvest from 50 or so in Adams County, PA.

**Watch out for those shells; eat at your tooth’s risk. I had a friend drive one between her teeth like a wedge and shatter her tooth. I always recommend sorting with a keen eye and chewing lightly to check for shells.

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