Nut Weasel – Small

The Nut Weasel is the best way to harvest nuts! See full description below.


Take it from me. This is the best way to harvest nuts BY FAR! Between hickory nuts and Black Walnuts, I harvest a LOT of nuts every year.  Like hundreds of pounds.

This thing is like magic. It just sucks up the nuts.

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Make sure you get the correct size for the nuts you are picking up. The small sizes work for larger nuts, you just won’t really get many in there. However, the large sizes will NOT work for small nuts. They fall out. For Hickory nuts you want the small size.

From the Amazon page:

  • EASY TO USE WITH NO BENDING- Reduces stress on the back by eliminating bending for picking up large nuts and other objects! Comes equipped with a comfortable handle and a hanging hook
  • PICKUP LARGE OBJECTS- The perfect pickup for large objects between 1.5” to 3” in size with a capacity of approximately 1.5 gallons. This includes items such as walnuts, small fruits, Sweet Gum Balls, and Magnolia seed/flower head. Does not pick up acorns or pecans (Try our other sizes options small & medium for these nut sizes)
  • EASY TO ROLL AND SAVE TIME- Designed to be easy to use and save time. Simply roll over the large items you would like to pick up in the tempered steel wire cage and repeat until full. To remove to items, simply open the cage with its quick release cage spreader
  • DURABLE FOR MULTIPLE USES- The Weasel large nut gatherer is made with durable carbon steel making it rust and water resistant for multiple uses
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY- Garden Weasel tools are so tough that they are backed with a lifetime limited warranty

I used the OG version of this tool for a few years (The Nut Wizard. I give props to the original inventor). Having used both, I think the Nut Weasel is actually better. It has a “dumper” built in. If you push down on the handle it spreads out the wires to dump the nuts. It has a rubber handle with a hanger.

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