Mockernut Hickory Nuts – Grade A – 2021


Delicious, nutritious Grade A MOCKERNUT (Carya tomentosa) hickory nuts.


Delicious, nutritious Grade A Mockernut (Carya tomentosa) hickory nuts.

I’m very excited to offer Mockernuts (hickory nuts) this year. I know of two trees that produce Mockernuts! This is the first year that they’ve produced in the five years I’ve been monitoring them, so this is my first year to try them and to be able to share them!

I think they taste delicious. They taste like a cross between a shellbark and a shagbark (that’s the most foodie thing I’ve every typed). They are mapley and nutty, but have that bananaish flavor of the shellbarks. I only have a few precious pounds and one of the two Mocker nut trees I know about is on my property! Because of their preciousness and rarity they are priced accordingly.

  • One of the two trees that I know about is in my driveway.
  • Mockernuts will work with the Texan York Nut Sheller, but they can be a bit more tough to crack than Shagbarks. You can buy them cracked from me.*
  • If you want to crack them yourself you will need a Texan York Nut Sheller orĀ  a black walnut cracker (that’s the one I’ve had for years and it’s solid) or one like this (can’t vouch for it). You cannot use a old-school hand cracker.

I carefully weigh them and bag them up in a freezer bag ready for storage. Then I ship them off.

PLEASE BE KIND AND LIMIT YOUR PURCHASE TO NO MORE THAN 1 LB. I only have 14 precious pounds. I would like to share the love!

These hickory nuts are Mockernut hickory nuts harvested in Autumn 2021 from wild trees in south, central Pennsylvania (Adams County). In the product pics, there are a few pics of the two trees from which I harvested the nuts.

*Watch out for those shells. I had a friend drive one between her teeth like a wedge and shatter her tooth. I always recommend sorting with a keen eye and chewing lightly to check for shells.

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