Hi hickory nut lovers!

I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while. I figured it was only fair to update you on the 2023 season. I’ve received a lot of emails asking about this year’s hickory season. Thanks for your interest!

I don’t have many nuts to sell this year (yes, again).

There were several reasons. The first reason is we have a lot going on this autumn. I just didn’t get into the woods as much as I would have liked. When I did harvest, overall, this season’s nuts were pretty small across the board.

Hickory Nut Oil

Another reason I am not selling many nuts, is because this season I’ve been focusing on making a hickory nut oil.

I have fallen in with the Keystone Tree Crop Cooperative. We are just starting. Our goal is to press a gourmet oil out of the bitternut. The bitternut is typically a wasted nut because it’s, as you may have guessed, very bitter. When you press a bitternut, the bitterness stays with the nut, and you’re left with a delicious buttery oil.

We’re pushing hard to do it legit and have a few gallons to sell in 2024.

In order to purchase the oil press we did a fundraiser. That put me on the hook for a few pounds of hickory nuts.

I MIGHT have a few pounds of mockernuts and shagbarks, but I won’t know until later in January. I will send another email once I sort it out.


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