I’m super stoked! I’ve already managed to squirrel away a nice sized cache of Hickory nuts. The Shagbarks are producing like crazy. The the Shellbarks not so much usually hold their nuts for a while. I found an extremely productive pignut. Which is a new one for me. I didn’t measure this for exact amounts, but it seems like the trees are happy this year. I’ve tried the nuts from four or five trees already and they are extraordinarily delicious. I’ve gotten permission to harvest on three new properties already.

They are not quite ready to ship. The nuts have to be float tested and sorted into grade A. Then they need to be dried for a few weeks. I expect they’ll be ready to ship by late October.

Right now I’m still in full-on harvest mode. I’ve got to beat the squirrels and chipmunks!

Bucket quarter full of 2019 pignut Hickory harvest

2019 pignut Hickory harvest

One full bucket and a quarter bucket of shagbarks 2019 Hickory Nut harvest--shagbarks and pignuts in the back

2019 Hickory Nut harvest–shagbarks and pignuts in the back

What I believe to be pignut bark



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