Hi, I’m Ryan, and I am selling you the best tasting nut there is: the hickory nut (well, when they’re in season).

Ryan lying in a pile of hickory nuts

Not many nuts to sell in 2023

I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while. I figured it was only fair to update you on the 2023 season. I’ve received a lot of emails asking about this year’s hickory season. Thanks for your interest!

I don’t have many nuts to sell this year (yes, again).

There were several reasons. The first reason is we have a lot going on this autumn. I just didn’t get into the woods as much as I would have liked. When I did harvest, overall, this season’s nuts were pretty small across the board.

Hickory Nut Oil

Another reason I am not selling many nuts, is because this season I’ve been focusing on making a hickory nut oil.

I have fallen in with the Keystone Tree Crop Cooperative. We are just starting. Our goal is to press a gourmet oil out of the bitternut. The bitternut is typically a wasted nut because it’s, as you may have guessed, very bitter. When you press a bitternut, the bitterness stays with the nut, and you’re left with a delicious buttery oil.

We’re pushing hard to do it legit and have a few gallons to sell in 2024.

In order to purchase the oil press we did a fundraiser. That put me on the hook for a few pounds of hickory nuts.

I MIGHT have a few pounds of mockernuts and shagbarks, but I won’t know until later in January. I will send another email once I sort it out.

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Want to sell your hickory nuts?

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do about purchasing nuts this season. You can learn more about selling your hickory nuts on this page. If you qualify, then fill out the contact form. You may not hear from me. Email me again closer to that time.

Man, do I love hickory nuts! There is no other nut that compares.

  • Eat them raw
  • You can bake with them.
  • Make a delicious milk
  • make syrup
  • use the shells to smoke meat

I like to make a big pile of them and dump it into my mouth!

These hickory nuts were harvested in the autumn of 2021 from the 500+ hickory trees that I have mapped.

I lovingly separate out the Grade A nuts. You can read more about the process here or watch my YouTube channel where I’m chronicling my experience harvesting, processing, and selling hickory nuts.

Drawing hickory nut

I even draw hickory nuts in my spare time.

⬇ Sign Up for Yearly Alerts ⬇

Just drop your email address in the box below to sign up for the yearly alert. Every autumn whenever the hickory nuts are ready to ship I’ll send you an email letting you know.

I do not sell shelled hickory nuts!

Unfortunately, I don’t sell shelled hickory nuts at this time. I really wish I did! As you probably know, it is work to shell hickory nuts. There’s just no way around it. I deal with hundreds of pounds of hickory nuts every season. It just isn’t cost-effective for me to shell the nuts. I think the tedious shelling process is one of the main reasons we haven’t seen them in the grocery store. Well, I’ve eaten a whole lot of hickory nuts, and I’m learning the most efficient ways to process them. Right now, for shagbarks, it’s the Texan York Nut Sheller.

One of my main goals with this business is to figure out a way to mechanize the hickory nut shelling process. I’ll channel my inner Buckminster Fuller and try to invent something. I’ll report back to you soon. If you see hickory nuts in the grocery store, then just know that I did it!

Call me at 610-910-9764 with questions (You might have better luck emailing me).


Do you want to know more about hickory nuts? Or about what I offer? This is a new page on my site, so please be patient as I build it out.

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How Do You Get That Goodness In You?

Delicious! Nutritious! Wild-Harvested! As natural as it gets! Hickory nuts!

Ben loves hickory nuts!

Why do hickory nuts demand a premium price?

  • They taste amazing, sort of like a maple flavored Pecan (hickory nuts and pecans are in the same genera).
  • The nuts are high in magnesium and iron.
  • Shellbarks prefer being near water.
  • They are particular about where they grow (limestone).
  • The trees take up 25 years before they fruit.
  • The window of harvest is short (a few weeks)
  • They are not commercially available.
  • Harvest is manual and time-consuming.
  • Processing is manual and even more time-consuming.
  • You have to beat the squirrels, who are racing the chipmunks!

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